muh lord, gitern is a git host for hackers

SSH keys are your auth (nay email or password required)

the cli is the ui

all repos are private by default

25MB of hosting for free then just $5/pubkey/month after that

Repo paths start with your account name, e.g. {account name}/path/to/a/repo.git
SSH pubkeys are typically stored in ~/.ssh with the .pub extension

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video demo

Hark now, gitern is NOT for you if:

hover or tap card to reveal ssh api

gitern create
gitern create ssh api
gitern delete
gitern delete ssh api
gitern list
gitern list ssh api
gitern pubkey:add
gitern pubkey:add ssh api
gitern pubkey:remove
gitern pubkey:remove ssh api
gitern pubkey:list
gitern pubkey:list ssh api
gitern account
gitern account ssh api